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Just went into the county tax office and turned everything in.  I appreciate your getting everything back to me so quick.  I went in today and I have my plates and registration.  I just wanted to write and say I appreciate all of your help on this.  This was the easiest process I’ve ever gone through on titling a vehicle, especially one with a bonded title.  Just wanted to say "Thank you!" - really!  

Billy P.

Just to let everybody know, Classic Auto Title does a very fast and pain free job of collecting all information and paper work for your title needs. They told me that after I got CAT all of the information they needed it would take about 2 weeks to come back. But it really only took a few days. I was highly impressed.

I would recommend using Leesy Palmer and Classic Auto Title anytime you have a need for vehicle title help.

Terry F.

I made a call and after answering a few questions chose to work with Classic Auto Title via email correspondence. The title application information was provided to my email account with directions given that made everything really simple. I printed out the forms and sent my packet of information and a check through the mail. A few days later, Classic Auto Title had directions and a packet for me to take to my tax office. The information was complete and my time with the teller was surprisingly quick. Everything the tax office needed was accurate and I paid my fees due for the title. I have now received my bonded title from the state of Texas and am a happy customer.

Classic Auto Title made my experience obtaining a title simple.  Any questions I had were answered quickly and accurately. They know what is needed by the state and are a professional office that provides a reliable service that I trust. All details were covered and nothing is better than being prepared when visiting the tax office. I now have my title and using Classic Auto Title made this task easy. I recommend their services to anyone needing a title.

Rick C.

As a client of Classic Auto Title, I would highly recommend them.  They are very professional and knowledgeable about the current rules and regulations when it comes to titles. My title was handled quickly, just as they told me it would be. No problems at the Tax office. I would definitely use their services again. My 1976 Porsche 911 had no title until Leesy walked me thru the process. I now have a bonded Texas title. Thanks to Classic Auto Title, I'm now able to drive my car legally with plates and stickers. Thanks, guys!

Bob B. 

Working with Classic Auto Title was very convenient.  They were very thorough, and it is great to be able to have all the necessary paperwork ready and completed when you take care of your automotive registration. In these times, one would not know how to complete this bonded title process, but CAT made it much easier. I plan on using them again in the future.Michelle S. 

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I’m not too good at putting words together, but I was very happy with your service. You made everything real easy. Even though the tax office made a mistake, and it wasn’t your fault at all, you reprocessed every thing all over again for free and you did it fast to boot. That’s what I call great service. When I went back with your second set of papers, the lady processed it – no problems. I’ll be sure to use you again. Thanks a bunch. 

Andy P.

Thank you so much for all your help getting my grandfather’s car titled over to me.  You took care of everything and made the process so easy.  I can’t believe how little I actually had to do! The three people ahead of me in line at the tax office each had problems with their paperwork and were sent away to fix them, so by the time I got to the front of the line I was pretty nervous.  But, the lady took my forms and told me they were filled out perfectly, with all the new guidelines followed!  And then she sent me on my way with everything I needed. You guys are the best. I’ll most certainly call you again, and I’ve already referred my uncle to you. (He collects old Studebakers.)  You guys are the greatest!

Peggy H.