Texas Bonded Title Services 

Our Expertise to you...

Do you work with classic car collectors and other private owners, as well as dealers and auto mechanic shops?

  • Why, YES, we do!!!! We love our individual clients and shower them with as much attention as our corporate clients. We help clients who have late model cars as well as classic cars to reach their goal of securing a legal title.
  • If your vehicle has issues with a lien or even VIN identification, we provide research services to help you identify how to fix your problems.
  • Give us a call at 214-697-8948 and we can get the ball rolling to get you that bonded title as soon as possible!

What are the steps in the bonded title process?

  • You tell us make, model, year and VIN of your vehicle and pay us processing and bond fees via debit or credit card over the phone.
  • We send you personalized application forms that are already filled out – you simply need to sign. Since these application forms are often updated by the State, it’s important that you use the current ones we will send.
  • You send back signed application forms and a few pieces of information that we’ll talk you through.
  • We go to two different government offices, waiting in line and processing all of your paperwork and surety bond.
  • We send you all needed paperwork and an easy to follow, step-by-step instruction sheet.
  • You simply take your paperwork to your county tax office, following our step-by-step instruction sheet, and pay all taxes and fees.
  • The State sends your bonded title in the mail in approximately 3 weeks.

Is a bill of sale required to get a bonded title?

  • No. However, a bill of sale is helpful on larger bonds and can often reduce the amount of sales tax due when you apply for a title.
  • When there is no bill of sale you may be required to pay sales tax based on the NADA book value or the standard presumptive value set by the State, which may be higher than the price paid for the vehicle. 

Can I sell my car with a Bonded Texas Title?

  • Yes, a vehicle with a bonded title may be sold at any time to a buyer in Texas, another state, or even another country. Ask us about our bonded titles sailing through US Customs!

How do I pay you?

  • We take all forms of credit or debit card in a secure transaction over the phone or in person at car shows.