Texas Bonded Title Services 

About Us

Look for our RED TENT at upcoming swap meets to speak with an expert on titling your classic car. Call 214-697-8948 for exact booth location and times:

January 26-27, 2018
all day   

DFW Swap Meet, Lone Star Park

February 16-18 , 2018
all day 
Dallas Autorama, Dallas Market Hall
February 23-24, 2018
all day 
Decatur Swap Meet, Wise County Fairgrounds


The purpose of Classic Auto Title is to exemplify the definition of “servant leader” in the community.  Our goal is to provide impeccable service at all times, through the use of exhaustive research, ceaseless attention to detail, quick and thorough response to all client requests and a consistently professional and positive attitude at all times.  We strive to be the highlight of every client’s day – EVERY DAY.


Classic Auto Title is a small family-owned company, and we take great pride in our superior level of customer service. We believe that from time to time, both businesses and individuals require professionals with a specific expertise - one relevant to the current market.  Part of this means having people on your side that are always aware of the changes in the laws, guidelines and specifications of any given field.  We realize the power of that level of dedication.

Our family decided long ago that there was great value in doing only one thing, and doing it better than anybody else. Our goal was to master the art and science of bonded title work for our clients with antique vehicles.  Our main focus is automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles, and trailers, but we also offer special pricing on boats, personal watercraft and recreational vehicles. We are committed to serving our client’s every need with a calm professionalism, a determined work ethic and a ceaseless attention to detail.  Our research is impeccable and our mission is to serve.

We believe that true leaders are always servants, helping to fulfill the needs of the community, and we strive to be that kind of leader every day.  We believe in the pride of a job well done.  We believe in making our client’s bonded title applications sail through the system without any glitches, twitches or headaches.

We will always be current with the latest changes in title regulations.  We will always be dependable.  We will always be ready to help.  We pride ourselves on that level of service.