Texas Bonded Title Services

Classic Auto Title is a small, family-owned company that provides title services for Texas residents from lost Texas titles to Texas bonded titles, lien releases and title transfers. Our goal is to provide impeccable service at all times, through the use of exhaustive research, ceaseless attention to detail, quick and thorough response to all client requests and a consistently professional and positive attitude at all times. We strive to be the highlight of every client’s day – EVERY DAY.

Why should I use Classic Auto Title to do the work for me?

  • Texas has many different counties and the tax guidelines are always changing. We stay up to date with the latest rules and regulations, so you don’t have to. 98 percent of our forms are approved the first time they are brought into the tax office.

  • We are extremely fast – our turnaround time is often a few days.
  • We pride ourselves on attention to detail and provide the highest level of customer service because you are our priority.
  • We are committed to staying current on every guideline, regulation, law and fee change for bonded titles and title transfers.
  • It's good to have someone representing you that has a positive working relationship with professionals every step of the way, built on trust and experience.
  • We are family-owned company that takes great pride in our work and we never give less than100 percent to our clients.
  • We craft individualized plans for high volume clients.

Do you work with classic car collectors and other private owners, as well as dealers?

  • Why, YES, we do!!!! We love our individual clients and shower them with as much attention as our corporate clients. We help clients who have late model cars as well as classic cars to reach their goal of securing a legal title.
  • If your vehicle has issues with a lien release or even VIN identification, we provide research services to help you identify how to fix your problems.
  • Give us a call at 214-697-8948 and we can get the ball rolling to get you that bonded title as soon as possible!

Do you only do titles for cars?

  • Not at all! We process the paperwork for titles on classic cars, late model cars, fleet vehicles, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, trailers, and even jet-skis!

Why can’t I just sell my car without a title?

  • It’s illegal to sell a vehicle in Texas without a title.
  • The title protects the buyer and the seller against undisclosed information that could affect the validity of the sale.
  • An untitled vehicle cannot be registered, insured or legally driven on public roads.
  • In most cases, your vehicle will sell for much more money with a legal title. It’s like leaving money on the table if you try to sell your vehicle without one.

What is a bonded title?

  • A bonded title is a process used in Texas to provide titles to vehicles when the proper evidence of ownership is not available.
  • The State requires you to put up a non-refundable bond to ensure that you are the lawful owner of the vehicle.
  • The surety bond is in place for three years, after which the designation is removed from the title. However, a Texas Bonded Title can be transferred immediately and the car can be sold to a new buyer as soon as the title is received from the State with no penalty.
  • It’s illegal to sell a vehicle in Texas without a title. A bonded title is a way to acquire the title so you can sell the car legally.
  • Recent legislative pressure in fall 2011 resulted in the DMV requiring the bonded title process to be completed on most any vehicle that does not have a properly signed title presented at time of title transfer and registration. 

Why would I need a bonded title in the first place?

  • You were told at the Tax office that you need a bonded title when you tried to register your vehicle.
  • You purchased a vehicle without a title.
  • You purchased a vehicle and were promised a title by the seller, but now you can’t locate the seller or they won’t help you.
  • You purchased or were given a vehicle and only received a Bill of Sale.
  • You were sold a vehicle with a title that was signed incorrectly on the back.
  • You were sold a vehicle with a title, but the title was never transferred to the seller's name (skipped ownership) before he sold it to you.
  • You originally had a Texas title for your vehicle, but lost it, and the VIN is no longer in the State of Texas database, due to the car not being registered for many years.

Can you provide help with Bonded Texas Titles in any county in Texas?

Yes! We’re located near DFW Airport, but we work with folks all over the state. There’s no need to come to us. We’ll be happy to talk to you on the phone, do all the legwork and send original documents securely through the mail, to make the bonded title process simple and pain-free for you...And we’ll do it quickly.

Texas Bonded Title Services